Dating a man that is turkish would actually appreciate advice from a Turkish guy please

Dating a man that is turkish would actually appreciate advice from a Turkish guy please

If any human body could shed some understanding of my „relationship“ with a guy that is turkish would actually be thankful omgchat. We specially want to hear from Turkish guys. My Turkish man has resided in america for more than decade. He’s got a green card (its azure). He will not would like to get hitched. He just introduced me personally to his relative and won’t introduce us to their buddies whom be seemingly hitched to Turkish women.

He could be Muslim and contains stated though he does not follow his faith if we ever had a child it would be Muslim, even. He often made plans beside me then would not arrive. In the beginning he ended up being apologetic he then changed and stated I must not be therefore upset – despite the fact that he „disappears“ and does not respond to their cellular phone. He has „watched“ us to see if we cheat. After confronting him concerning this he stated „just what exactly? So now you separation beside me? “ No appologies. He believes he could be appropriate. Yet, he will not let me know where he goes and gets frustrated with my concerns. He informs me if we leave him alone and do not phone perhaps he can miss me personally. Now, that i will be doing which he gets angry and stated „3 times and you also do not phone as yet! I have upset with you due to that – what exactly are you with brand new boyfriend“

This man is loved by me a great deal it’s insane which is driving me personally insane.

This man is loved by me a great deal it’s insane which is driving me insane. He stopped using me out and explained the girlfriend that is last had been with – they lived together for 4 years and additionally they never ever sought out and all their buddies had been her buddies. After a man showed interest in me personally (some guy bought me plants) he told us to continue a „date“ with this guy „don’t cheat – just become familiar with him, possibly he a lot better than me personally for you personally“ we cried so difficult. He did not care. If I did not cheat) so I did go out with this guy – I didn’t cheat just like my Turkish BF asked me I just hung out with the guy (I have never done anything like this before and I thought it was wrong – even. My BF would not phone me personally for several days will never answer my calls nor phone me personally right back. I did not wish to venture out because of the flowerguy but my Turkish BF made me feel therefore harmed like he did not care that I did so it to demonstrate him up for telling me personally to do so (he could be always telling me personally just do it go after this guy or that guy if they appear thinking about me personally – no matter if We am perhaps not thinking about one other dudes).

Therefore following this flower guy thing and after dating for a couple of months he split up beside me – we told him I didn’t cheat. He stated he had been genuine astonished that we sought out using the man even though i did not cheat. He then said there was clearly a complete lot happening and he ended up being stressing over the whole thing. Things going on from his life and from my children too (because they’ren’t too approving of us). He said me personally which he does love me personally but he will not wish to harm me personally and also to avoid. Yet I am called by him every once in awhile and desires us to keep buddies.

Since he split up beside me four weeks ago i’ve perhaps not dated anyone. I will be depressed. I became never ever enthusiastic about the flower man therefore I was not planning to date him anyhow. We told flower man sorry and fundamentally explained why i really could not date him. Turkish ex calls me personally every once in awhile and quite often we discuss to their destination and spending some time with him and quite often I do not look at. Now, this he calls and asked me why I did not come over his place yet week. I said „did you may well ask me personally“ He stated „why do i have to ask“ We said „I am very tired gone to sleep early. Sorry can’t come over. “ which he stated „come over now, you have got refused me personally 6 times – we have actually counted – over it is really over between us. If you do not come“ I say “ you separated beside me a thirty days ago. Have always been I nevertheless your gf? “ He said „yes“ we make sure he understands „what is it some crazy turkish model of dating“ he laughed. He understands I would like to be with him. He understands he is loved by me. We make sure he understands to cease winning contests he informs me he could be maybe maybe not games that are playing. He seems like he actually thinks he could be maybe not doing offers.

What exactly the heck is he doing? I do not understand what things to think. We am super confused. He also swears he failed to ever cheat like he did) on me when we were together (though, him „disappearing“ seemed. I additionally wish to state i’m heavily Catholic – i really do a lot of praying and lots of Novennas (9 time prayers because of the candles). He considers this „nonsense“ and called me a gypsy since I believe in God and I felt like we both believe in God just in different ways for it and thinks its „beechgraff“ which I finally translated that to mean „witchcraft“ – that hurt me to hear. That we can appreciate and respect our distinctions but he can not perform some exact same i suppose.

So what does everyone else think? Thank you for the commentary.

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